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Friday, February 24, 2012

Jane the Fashionista: 5 Essentials

Friday, February 24, 2012
Today our essentials are 
on bottom.
Skirts and pants: these are five essentials you need.

A simple black (or neutral color) pencil skirt.
Shown here from Gap.

Well- fitted pants. 
Shown here from Banana Republic.

A "flowy" skirt. 
(I like this skirt particularly because of the elastic waistband. This is a great to throw on when you're running late.)
Shown here from Ruche.

A quality pair of khakis. (Because these will get plenty of use.)
Shown here from Banana Republic.

A statement skirt- a bold color or pattern.
Shown here from Ruche.

When choosing outfit pieces try and cover your bases:
A neutral color with a good fit that will match easily.
Anything you won't be 'tuggin' and pullin' at all day because it comes up or only allows you to sit in certain positions.. which can get pretty awkward.
Maybe not as easily matched, but whatever it is the center of our outfit and whenever you wear it you turn heads. I think you can splurge a little on these because you will have fewer.

Outfit idea of the week:
A floral dress with nude pumps, as seen on Sydney from the Daybook.

Go turn heads.

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